So you’re surfed the seedy side of the ‘net and you want to remove the evidence.

This means you would have done at least the following with Internet Explorer:

  • Delete Temporary Internet Files
  • Clear History
  • Delete your cookies.

Having done all that, you’re feeling safe from the prying eyes of your parents / significant other / IT guy.

WRONGGGGG!!!!!! Go to the back of the queue, and hang your head in shame.

You need to be aware that Internet Explorer records where you have been in an index.dat file.

dubious blog sites

What can you do about it?
Not much really.
1. Buy a commercial product, which can remove these index.dat files, or
2. If you have some DOS batch skills you can run a batch file on logoff which deletes the index.dat files.

Yes “files” is right, there can be more than one.

Option 2 is what I use.

Update: I posted an update to this post here.

On SharpReader:
Another way to look at SharpReader is that it’s like some newspapers where they have a “what’s inside” section. On that page, they’ll have a paragraph from each story. The Spencer Street Soviet does this in their print edition.

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