Lemmings Lemmings, a popular PC game released in 1991. It involved you (the player) guiding lemmings to safely over gorges, broken bridges & cliffs (see screen shot right). Lemmings were essentially dumb creatures which would blindly walk/fall/jump into any danger, if you didn’t stop them.

It was very addictive.

Fast forward to 2006, when Volker Heinemann, following the instructions of his car navigation system (SatNav), ignored a motorway "closed for construction" sign and ploughed into a pile of sand at high speed.

Now SatNav systems are wonderful things when used with some common sense.
For example, Ilford to Brendford (it’s in London, England), is a distance of 13km.
Travelling 600km because the SatNav told you too, indicates zero common sense.

It makes almost as much sense as this Yarra Trams SmartGuide advice that a usual 19 mins train trip is going to take 5 hours.

(for the sharp-eyed, there is another thing wrong with this advice.)

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