logo There is some thought that listening to binaural tones can improve your attention, concentration, and consciousness.

What are binaural tones you ask?  Good question!

Let’s go with my simple explanation.  Say you are wearing a stereo headset.  In your left ear, a sound is playing at a 400 Hz frequency, and in your right ear, the sound is playing at 410 Hz.  The difference is 10 Hz, which your brain detects as a beat at 10 Hz.  10 Hz places it in your brain’s Alpha frequency range, which is good for relaxation.(1)

Does this actually work?  I don’t know.  But if you want to try it for yourself, visit the I Dose website, where they have a number of Binaural Beats available for streaming media playing.  As I think streaming media generally sucks (ie. tied to your computer, can’t drop it onto your iPod/MP3 player etc.), I have the direct download links here:

I Dose track Benefit File link
Mirage Helps with art & creative activities hallucinations
Super brain Helps in problem solving activities super-brain
Inspiration and Creativity Stimulating inspiration and creativity inspiration
Coffee break Wakes you up and sharpens your alertness Coffee
Aspirin Helps against headaches and general pains Aspirin
Relaxation Relax at the end of busy days and weeks Energy-cleaning
Meditation Helps in getting in meditation state Meditation
Pain killers Helps with general pain Pain-Killers
Lucid dreams Intensifies dreams Lucid-dreams
Energy drink Boost of energy Energy-drink
Focus Sharpens your mind Focus

1 – the sharp-eyed will notice my explanation is similar to the Wikipedia one.  That’s because I borrowed from there.

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