HP Universal Print Driver – shame it doesn’t work with Novell Netware.

Being cheap bastards conscious of the support costs of maintaining device-specific printer drivers, HP has come up with the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD).

Works great on Microsoft Windows based print servers.

Absolute rubbish with Novell iPrint.

When you install a Windows based UPD, the UPD says to the printer

HP CP6015 Color Laserjet - still in the packaging crateWhat features do you have?

With iPrint, the UPD software tries to speak to something called IPD, and NOT the printer.  Because the UPD isn’t speaking to the printer, it fails to determine what features your printer has.  In the worse case, your printer won’t print.

HP have known about this issue since at least July, and we’re not seen a fix yet.

Shame really.  The CP6015 would have been a nice printer.

iPrint – Vista – HP UPD – Supported- – NOVELL FORUMS (July 2008)
Novell Support TID 7001400- iPrint and HP Universal Printer Drivers (Sept 2008)

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