Rule .303

There was an episode of Law & Order SVU on recently, dealing with a teenager who couldn’t control his sex drive, and who eventually raped his teacher.

I’m sure the victim of a sex offender is never the same again.  Oh sure, there is counselling, but the damage to the soul remains.  In the case of people who have been molested as children, 80% of them go on to become child molesters themselves.  Often the remaining 20% will have issues with forming relationships, this makes them the true victims.  So let’s stop the recidivism cycle of sex offenders.  And how do we do that?

Rule 303!

“Was it like this?” fiercely answered Morant. “No; it was not quite so handsome. As to rules and regulations, we had no Red Book, and knew nothing about them. We were out fighting the Boers, not sitting comfortably behind barb-wire entanglements; we got them and shot them under Rule 303,” referring to the .303 calibre Lee-Enfield rifles the Carbineers carried.
Court martial of Breaker Morant

I don’t believe sex offenders can be cured.  Sure we can medicate them, but when the medication stops, or they refuse to take it?  Far better, and simpler for society, if we just shoot them under Rule 303.  And then to leave them to rot in Dante’s Second Circle of Hell.