HP Logo HP’s Universal Print Driver (UPD) v4.7.0 has finally been released.  You might remember that I wrote that HP designed UPD because they are a pack of cheap bastards.

The one thing HP have been consistently great at is their Laserjet printer range.  They just work.  And now HP want to trash all that built-up good will by wanting to reduce their costs.

Now UPD 4.7.0 is supposed to be iPrint compatible.
Except that you need to deploy a new version of iPrint to all your desktops.
And a Microsoft patch as well.

Oh, and UPD 4.7.0 has issues with Citrix.  Namely CPU spiking and StressPrinters test issues.  HP know this and acknowledge it.  The fix (UPD 4.7.2) will be out in March 2009.

So why is UPD being promoted again?  Oh that’s right, HP are a pack of cheap bastards.

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