HP lets buggy print driver lurk on web.

Has update, but not going to release it to the web.

I wrote back in December 2008, that the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD):

Oh, and UPD 4.7.0 has issues with Citrix.  Namely CPU spiking and StressPrinters test issues.  HP know this and acknowledge it.  The fix (UPD 4.7.2) will be out in March 2009.
Still a pack of cheap bastards

And so it has appeared.  But only if you ask HP directly, it’s not available on the website.

If you are using a HP Universal Print Driver with any of the following:

  • 32-bit Vista.
  • Crystal Reports.
  • a non-admin user.
  • Citrix
  • a HP 5000 series printer

then you’ll be wanting UPD 4.7.2, which is available only via request from HP.

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