OpenDNS, why it’s good.

Long story short …

OpenDNS is really good, and I can’t draw.

Long Story

dale-cant-draw You need talent to draw, I don’t have it, other blog posters seem to have some.  But is that going to stop me?

NO! (ummm, yes it did 🙂 ) Crap drawing on your right …


I need to explain a few things first, about how your computer finds where a website is.

You use the website name (ie.

Your computer needs an address.  So it takes the name ( and asks the DNS for the number.

As a DNS is essentially just a directory, just like a phone book.  Hence the name, Directory Name Server.

Here’s a picture of what happens when you ask for


Now you can get another phone book.  The same with your DNS.

A DNS service like OpenDNS.  OpenDNS is a directory filtering service.  So, if I wanted to block pornography or gambling sites, all I need to do is tell my computer to use OpenDNS.

OpenDNS allows you to selectively block the following type of content:

  • Adult Themes
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Hate/Discrimination
  • P2P/File sharing
  • Phishing Protection
  • Pornography
  • Visual search engines
  • Webmail

(this isn’t all the categories that OpenDNS can block, full list here.)

Here’s a picture of what OpenDNS would do if I went to “”


OpenDNS has detailed instructions on how to setup your computer to use OpenDNS.

I use it, and recommend it.  So does Leo Laporte.

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