tigerairways_inline Travelled on Tiger Airways recently, and the service wasn’t too bad.

Sure, Terminal 4 at Tullamarine Airport is a converted shed, and the baggage pickup area IS A shed, but you do expect that for such cheap fares, eh?

The downside is that Tiger fly Airbus A320* aircraft.

I don’t like them.  They make strange sounds.  They tend to crash.

From a 2001 news article:

The French have also blamed the pilots in every major fatal crash of the Airbus aircraft, built by a four-nation consortium whose headquarters are at Toulouse in France. In one of the crashes, the aircraft was being flown by the most senior aviator in his field: Airbus’s chief test pilot, the Englishman Nick Warner.

As with Concorde, the Airbus is fly-by-wire, which means that computers act as intermediaries between the pilots and the flying controls. Unlike Boeing’s “fly-by-wire” systems, which give pilots the ultimate control of the aircraft’s operations, the Airbus designers have a view that planes can be made safer if, in certain circumstances, software imposes “hard limits” on what the pilots can and cannot do.

One thing to note.

When Tiger Airlines say that “Check-in desks close strictly 45 minutes before scheduled departure time.”, you should believe them.  Even if the aircraft is 2 hours late, and is the last flight of the night.

* – macabrely known as the “John Wayne” aircraft.  It climbs mountains, knocks down trees & kills Indians.

“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity, or neglect.”

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