sms2003_150x70 We had a problem with one of our SMS servers today, it was not processing DDR records.

All 19,000+ of them.

After some investigation, a co-worker found it was a corrupted DDR record which caused SMS to get stuck.

After we fixed it, SMS started processing them records at 1 DDR per seconds.
Let’s do the math, 19,000 records at 1 per second, is 60 DDR per minute; and 3600 per hour.  It would take at 5 hours to process all those.
PLUS SMS was adding more DDR records, all the time.

Oh Bother it

Remembering that SMS Primary Sites run SQL Server, I wondered … … did we exclude the SQL Process from our AV program???

In short, no.  Excluding SQLSERVR.EXE made a tiny difference.  Adding SMSEXEC.EXE & CCMEXEC.EXE to the exclusion list made a HUGH difference.

We went from 1 record per second, to 5 records per second being processed.

We’re deploying the change to the rest of the SMS Server fleet, Tuesday.