A slowly growing collection of PowerShell resources and links.

Books & guides
Microsoft Sweden – Sweden PowerShell course books and sample
Microsoft Technet – The VBScript-to-Windows PowerShell Conversion Guide
Quest – iPowerShell (PowerShell reference for the iPhone)
Quest – PowerShell TFM v1 ebook
Quest – Windows PowerShell v2 Help

Not free
Ed Wilson (the Microsoft Scripting Guy) – Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide


Cmdlets & modules etc.

Microsoft MSDN – PowerShell Pack
Quest – Free PowerShell Commands for Active Directory (sample use here)


Interesting & useful links
Microsoft Bing – custom PowerShell search
Microsoft Technet – Scripting Centre
Microsoft Virtual PC Guy – Using Alternate Credentials with WMI and PowerShell [Hyper-V]

Microsoft Jose Barreto’s Blog – How to Handle NTFS Folder Permissions, Security Descriptors and ACLs in PowerShell

Here (scripts)
Checking for existence of a file on a remote computer
Count files in a directory
CPU Utilisation
Pinging a computer
Reading last line of a file
Reboot remote computers
SMS 2003 & SCCM 2007 Server health checking

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