“Would Sir like the Sentinel Chicken with that?”

"Sentinel chicken flocks are used to monitor flavivirus activity in Australia. The main viruses of concern are Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE) and atKunjin which cause the potentially fatal disease encephalitis, in humans.”

Use TinEye to find the original photoWhich was one of my thoughts when the building owner decided AGAIN to test the air-conditioning system to see if the fumes that caused 8 injuries, was now fume free.

NO it wasn’t.  “We’re mine canaries!”, was my other thought. 

“Thought we’d run the air-conditioning unit to see if anyone noticed…”

– was the building owners response.

A quick email to my management, and some stern words from a WorkSafe Inspector, has stopped that sort of air-conditioning testing from re-occurring.

So what’s with the African American woman with the happy smile on her face?

It’s a Sentinel Chicken of sorts.  I keep a full “muscled porn” copy of it in my notebook.  Which is kept in my workbag.  Sure it could have been a photo of Goatse, or “Two girls, One cup”; but you have to draw the line somewhere.

And it worked, “That’s disgusting, perverted and sick.”, was the comment from my ex.

‘Ah so you’ve been though my notebook.’