TrueCrypt – not as secure as I thought.

On Wednesday, I wrote about TrueCrypt, and the requirement to create a Rescue Disk if you were going to use System Encryption.  I  looked into that, as I was setting up a test laptop so I could try the “Evil Maid” attack on TrueCrypt System Encryption. And by Jove!  The Evil Maid attack works. In […]

Bypassing the TrueCrypt Rescue Disk check requirement.

Update: TrueCrypt 7 and later will allow you to bypass this check. TrueCrypt, the freeware open source disk encryption product, allows you to encrypt your whole hard drive.  TrueCrypt calls this “System Encryption”.  Another name for it is Full Disk Encryption.  Just like Microsoft Bitlocker. When you encrypt your system drive, TrueCrypt prompts you to […]

WinDirStat causing a Bluescreen?!?

WinDirStat is a good little disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool.  But both times I’ve used the Delete option, I’ve ended up with a BlueScreen of Death. It’s happened a couple of times now.  As I use TrueCrypted volumes, it’s easier to rebuild the PCs then the lengthy recovery process.    Googling, I found that […]

WinPE and TCP Registry Compatibility driver not loading

I’m currently creating a Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) boot disk, for our desktop technicians.  The brief was: need to able to use Symantec Ghost, to image Windows PCs. need to be able to open Truecrypt folders. I’ve pretty much got it sorted now, but I did had a problem with the TCP Registry Compatibility driver […]

The Western Digital “My Passport” External Drive

Update: Thinking of buying one?  Don’t, they suck. The Western Digital “My Digital” External Hard Drive pictured right, is my latest IT purchase. The reason I went for a WD drive, instead of a trusty Seagate?  Price.  The WD was 20% cheaper.  Oh, and I wanted to see how it compared to the Seagate. In […]