S004AGS0750030 replacement power supply

for the Telstra T-Voice 503 handset.

I have house rabbits who think “Spicy Hay” is a thing.

And so I end up with this:
T-Voice 503 7.5V Power Supply.

(power supply with bitten off lead)

I could get a replacement Telstra power supply IF I brought a replacement handset 🙁

T-Voice 503 inside box

Fortunately for me, and my bank account, I had a spare Jaycar MP3310 power supply, which worked as a replacement.

Spicy Hay?!?

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Open Fireplace–Firebacks.

Steel firebackRandom notes on Firebacks …

Steel is better than cast iron, as it is better at reflecting heat into the room.

Cast iron is better than Steel, as Cast Iron Firebacks will retain the heat better, which means it will continue providing some heat even after the fire has gone out.

You can make your own steel fireback by following these instructions.
Or you could buy a ready made steel fireback from Amazon.

Cast Iron.  Wagga Iron Foundry makes new Fire Backs.  If antique is your thing, firebacks.net can help.

ImageMagicK throwing a “convert: Invalid SOS parameters for sequential JPEG” warning

ImageMagick logoC:\Pictures>"magick convert -border 3024x! old.jpg new.jpg
convert: Invalid SOS parameters for sequential JPEG ‘old.jpg’ @ warning/jpeg.c/JPEGWarningHandler/398.

In this case, caused by a bug with how a Samsung phone writes jpeg files.

Checked the original file details to verify that:

ImageMagicK did process the photos.  It was just warning me that it found a possible issue.

The warnings can be suppressed with the -quiet option.

How to avoid photo cropping by adding a border

So in Notes on ImageMagick’s –border option, I mentioned that I had photos that don’t fit on 6×4 photo paper.

Here’s an example which I uploaded to the photo printing website:

The result is that the photo printing company has darkened the left and right of the photo, to highlight what I’m going to lose.  ie. cropped!

If only there was someway to change the photo to fit into a 6×4 print…

I’m glad you asked!

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Notes on ImageMagick’s –border option

ImageMagickI have photos whose aspect ration are not 1.5, which means they will be cropped when I use 6:4 photography paper.

The important thing to remember is that ImageMagick will keep the aspect ratio unless you tell it not to with the “!” option.

So the command to add a left and right border to an image is this:
magick convert -border 2000x! old.jpg new.jpg

To break that down:
convert the file into a new image file.
2000 add 2000 pixels to left AND right side of image
x! height is not specified here.  The ! tells ImageMagick to not preserve the aspect ratio.

Similarly, in order to add to the top and bottom of the photo, I use this command:
magick convert -border !x2000 old.jpg new.jpg

Australian ZL1 Camaro dashboard

Was made by Socobell in Melbourne.

ZL1 Camaro - RHD dashboard

(image courtesy Carsales)

Socobell provides the highest quality plastic injection moulding services to industry. We deliver a complete solution to our clients, from initial product design and tooling requirements to highly developed process automation delivering the right product on time, every time.
Socobell – About

New-SMBMapping vs. New-PSDrive

powershell-logoThis’ll be an expanding topic I suspect …

New-SMBMapping (link)

Seems to be the Microsoft’s preferred method.

Mapped network drive may fail to reconnect in Windows 10, version 1809

-UseWriteThrough is an option (Server 2019 & Windows 10 1809)
Overview of file sharing using the SMB 3 protocol in Windows Server
Controlling write-through behaviors in SMB

The Microsoft Desired State Resource Kit now uses it.
DSC Resource Kit Release January 2017

Mounting SAMBA drives from within Windows Nano server may need it.
Mounting Samba Shares inside Nano Server

Map drives on the fly with mandated signing or encryption

Windows versions 1709 and later went a bit further and allow you to create encrypted or signed mapped drives on the fly from the command-line. While this is outside the reach of the average user, it’s a great option for logon scripts and admins.
Solution: Map drives that require signing or encryption. You can use the NET USE command or New-SmbMapping PowerShell cmdlet to map drives by specifying “RequireIntegrity” (signing) or “RequirePrivacy” (encryption).


New-PSDrive (link)

Establishes an SMB connection at the highest SMB dilect (ie. if SMB 3.1.1 is on the server, it’ll connect at that level)

Has a -Force parameter which allows you to overwrite existing drive mappings.

Remove-PSDrive does not work correctly for Networked Drives created using -persist and -scope Global

Further References

Mapping Drives Revisited