Cafe Entity – cheapish and cheerful

Cafe Entity, North Fitzroy I hate shopping and loath factory outlets, can’t stand crowds.

“Do you want to go with me to the factory outlets in Fitzroy?”

A No, would see me in the doghouse.

‘Of course dear’

So we visited True-Blue Shoes in Fitzroy, and Gloweave in Smith St. Fitzroy.  Glo-weave was disappointing, no french-cuffs on offer.

‘Let’s repair to the cafe’, say I.

Cafe Entity do a roaring trade, as they are cheap and cheerful.  A cheese and spinach pida* was $7, and an ICE-COLD ice coffee, $5.50.  The ice-coffee was so good, I had two!

* a pastry, also known as a Spanish Crescent.

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“If you knew, you wouldn’t eat here.”

Had a friend who was the manager of a Melbourne Hungry Jack (Burger King to you USA’ers), and his advice was

You wouldn’t eat take away if you knew how it was prepared Dale.

Western Australian Health Minister Jim McGinty agrees,

People have a right to know whether the places they are eating in or where their food is being processed are operating safely,

You’d be especially interested if you visited the Hamilton Hill Continental Bakery:

Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations 1993
Reg 7(1)(a)(i) Unclean Premises
Reg 7(1) (a) (iii) Premises in disrepair
Reg 7(1) (a) (iv) Vermin on premises
Reg 7 (1) (b) (ii) Appliances in disrepair
Reg 12 (1) (b) (a) Unprotected food
Reg 33 (3) Frozen food stored at incorrect temperature
Reg 11 (1) (a) Unprotected food
Reg 32 (1) (b) Hazardous food stored at unsafe temperature
Reg 7(1)(a)(i) Unclean Premises
Reg 7(1) (a) (iii) Premises in disrepair
Reg 7 (1 (b) (ii) Appliances in disrepair
Reg 32 (1) (b) Hazardous food stored at unsafe temperature
Reg 12 (1) (b) Stored ready to eat food not protected

You can download the rest of the Perth offenders here.

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Food – while in England

The Nelson Arms Surrey Monday Night – The Nelson Arms, Surrey

A typical English Pub, except I didn’t see any warm beer. It was established in the 1700’s.

It’s claimed the wooden ceiling beams are timbers from an old sailing ship.

I had the Beef Chilli Burger (9 GBP) and several T.E.A. beers.


Tuesday Night – Meal at the hotel.

Nothing to see here, move along 🙂

Wednesday Night – Ghurkha Raj Doot, Aldershot

Want some traditional Ghurkha food, then this is the place.

The decor is mid 70’s Chinese kitchen table style.

Glad to say I was able to have the hottest dish in the place, and didn’t break out into (much) of a sweat.

Cost, about 15 GBP.

Zizzi Restaurant Farnham Thursday Night – Zizzi Farnham

An Italian restaurant chain, but still a great feed.

The garlic bread for ""starters"" was a meal in itself. I would recommend not have it as starters if you’re going to have something else.

Such as the Diavola Pizza, which had Pepperoni, Chillies, Mozzarella and Tomato.

Total cost: 20 GBP, including drinks.

(Zizzi photo pinched from here:

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