Maximum memory with Windows 98 is 1GB (with problems).

Email I wrote to the team I was working with, back in December 2003:


Undoubtedly with the new standard desktop having 512MB RAM, some bunny will try for 1GB.

Memory >512MB requires some entries to be placed into SYSTEM.INI.

From Microsoft:
Windows Me and Windows 98 are not designed to handle more than 1 GB of RAM. More than 1 GB can lead to potential system instability.

Computer May Reboot Continuously with More Than 1.5 GB of RAM (304943)
"Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed (253912)

Error Message: Insufficient Memory to Initialize Windows (184447)

Specifying Amount of RAM Available to Windows Using MaxPhysPage (181862)

And yes, we did see a bunny in the field try it, and the answer was “you were warned, we told you it wasn’t supported”.

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Windows 95 – We still have customers running it.

win95bboot A Windows 95 bootscreen. (A Windows 95B boot screen to be precise.)

Now I rarely get to touch customer PCs these days, as I’m not in an “”operational”” support area.

But we still have tight arses customers who still run Windows 95, so I get a support question from one of our people (who should know better).

Queue theme music: Entrance of the Gladiators. <- click for the music. “The PC is stopping with an error when the logon script runs”, from our customer support engineer, Fred Nuckle. Time to diagnose problem: 1 hour.


  • F. Nuckle was mapping a network drive (let’s say U:).
  • Running U:\foolish.exe,
  • and while foolish.exe was executing, unmapping the network drive.
  • So foolish.exe was going “what da fruitcake??” and causing an error.

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