Australia’s GoDaddy

Using sex to sell IT services really turns me off.  It makes me think to myself:

“Is their service so poor, that they need to get my attention some other way.”

Domain Names - Everything you need to get ahead in business - Copy

I’m sure Domain Names you will get people who do think it’s appropriate for you to advertise this way, as you keep doing it.  Just like America’s GoDaddy:

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The name of the actress in the iSelect TV ads is

Camilla Borde-Davis.  Also known as Milli Davis and Camilla Jackson.  You can see her IMDB profile here.

I’m sure this will be a question in a pub trivia night competition sometime soon.

Camiila is known as the iSelect girl, and she pushes the iSelect insurance company product.

iSelect Girl

She can also be seen in the Jim Bean “The Stalker” ad.

Update March 2013:
The Ad Agency responsible for the iSelect concept was Starship.  You can see copies of the iSelect Girl videos on their website here.

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“You’ll find more information on the Safety Card in your seat pocket”

Ever noticed, when flying, that people ignore the Flight Safety presentation.

So when someone sent me this Youtube video, I thought it was worth a second look as well.

You can tell the Air New Zealand staff really had a great time filming the various videos, particularly if you look at the blooper reel.

And I can’t get the background tune out of my head:

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