It’s a new …

… backup drive! The only people who are really concerned about backups are those people who have lost information.  Everybody else doesn’t give it a moments thought. My backup plan consists of: offsite CD’s/DVD’s small portable hard drives this blog. “What do you mean, this blog?”  I hear you ask. Technical articles/notes/quotations, stuff I refer […]

2 and a bit reasons to wait for Windows 7

If you’re a business customer, thinking about making the upgrade from Windows NT4/2000/XP, I’d be waiting for Windows 7. By all means, plan and test with Windows Vista, and then take the lessons that you learn, to apply for your Windows 7 rollout. Here are 2 and a bit reasons why: Reason 1 – Offline […]

21 programs I always install on my work PC

Update: A new version of this article can be found here, “Programs I always install on my work PC“. People ask, what do you use to support your customers.  Well here’s the rundown.  I’m surprised myself, didn’t think it was that many! Adobe Flash Everything on the web seems to be Flash based now. Beyond […]

Some (more) Shared Items

Previous post -> Some shared IT items Today’s Front (Newspaper) Pages – 609 front pages from 58 countries (and growing) Every morning, more than 500 newspapers from around the world submit their front pages to the Newseum via the Internet to be part of Today’s Front Pages. WorldTimeZone.Com – Australian timezones Weimaraner Club Of Victoria […]