“You know there is asbestos in these ceilings???”

slat ceiling I used to do CAT4 cabling for schools.  No, that’s not a misspelling, CAT4.  Which, from memory, was 4 untwisted pair wire cabling.

Schools would ask us to do it because:

  • we did it for free.
  • it was part of our job, if we had free time to do it.
  • we had a big drum of the CAT4 cabling, free.
  • schools liked the price.

Government run schools, in my experience, prefer free, to paying for anything.

So you’d find me up a ladder running cabling across all sorts of ceilings.  I found aluminium strip ceiling (pictured) the most difficult to work with, as bending the strips back into straightness took lots of time.

This all stopped the day one school staffer said:

“You know there is asbestos in these ceilings???”

The ceilings had asbestos-based ceiling insulation.

(I was reminded of all this by a post by The Angry Technician called “Testing”.
Asbestos is nasty stuff: this is a handy guide to the different types of asbestos which can be found in buildings.)

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Purpose: Install new data line set, and switch all 5 sites across.

1089 parts… just another Sunday night …
1945hrs – Travel into work.
2030hrs – Some bastard parked across our company car park driveway.
2045hrs – Find and pay for another car park, attend work, sign in.
2050hrs – Make up A4-sized “You have parked across a driveway” sheet, and liberally glue to offending windscreen.
2105hrs – Advise project manager that I’m ready to test the network change.
2145hrs – “We have a problem”
2146hrs – “Ummm, it’s a cabling problem.”
2230hrs – “Ummm, we’ll need to do this again in a couple of weeks.”
1000hrs – (following day) Cause: insufficient patch cables on hand to perform change.
Translation: we forgot the frickin cables.

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