The “Debbie” Rule

LargeWhiteAngelWings8546medI’m reminded by someone who I’ll dub Warrior Princess M, of the “Debbie” rule.  WPM doesn’t know the Debbie rule, but said “I’m pretty insistent that I’m a Miss until the day I marry.”
(which reminded me of the Debbie rule).

The Debbie Rule.

It was a graveyard shift.  I’m not sure HOW we got onto the subject, but we must have been early hours of the morning when general crap gets talked.  One of the blokes, and my memory tells me it was Steve Vaughn, but as it was almost 20 years ago so I could be wrong, opined

Every Debbie I know is either a saint or a trollop*.  There’s no blurring of the line either.  It’s one or the other.

And Steve was right, of the 9 Debbie’s I’ve known, 7 have been sweet hometown-type girls, and 2 have been fairly free with their affections.

Readers are welcome to tell me I’m wrong.

* a harsher word than trollop was used.