Not sure where I originally saw this, but a google search shows something about “”The Defender of the Moon Princess!””. Never heard of it, I always thought it was an old English saying.

I firmly believe you treat others how you’d like to be treated. If for no other selfish reason then you’ll don’t know where you and they will be in 5 years 🙂

Ernie Halter used to have some sage advice on starting out in the music industry. The first couple of points were:
1. Nobody Wants To Work With The A-hole.
2. Stay Connected
3. Be Reliable

Point 1 is a good point to remember.

And by the way, no I’m not part of the music industry. No talent here…

I’m not very talented at anything really apart from IT.

A year ago today, taken very near to where I work, it’s whats known as a Z3 Class tram. I very nearly became a Tram Conductor back in 1987, but I declined the job offer.

I wonder where I would be now if I had said yes?

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