20ish random things about me.

These are sorted in a random order… …

  1. Now work in IT, in a management role.
  2. Wish I was better at photography
  3. Spent 10 years in the Northern Territory
  4. Favorite quote: So shines a good deed in a weary world
  5. Love the USA, shame about the people though 🙂
  6. Fallen of a motorbike about 5 times
  7. Don’t ride currently, but have my eye on a Vulcan 1600
  8. Hated year 12.
  9. Prefer cold to hot weather
  10. I wear glasses to read.
  11. My favorite dessert is Street’s Blue Ribbon Ice Cream
  12. Worked 18 months as a motorcycle courier in Melbourne
  13. Favorite tv show ever: Night Stalker
  14. Left Handed
  15. Darwin to Katherine: 2 hrs
  16. Have two dogs
  17. I like cats but won’t ever own one again
  18. Hair colour is almost completely grey
  19. I hate wearing white.
  20. Don’t drink as much as I used to, but preferred drink is Beenleigh Rum & Coke