windowsvistaSpent the last day looking at Windows Vista Beta 2. It’s amazingly stable for a Beta program.

Things I don’t like:
* Office update doesn’t work
* Some programs which worked under Windows XP don’t work here
* Not a whole lot of driver support yet.

Things I like:
* Security is much better.

I’ve blue screen’d it once so far in 24 hours. By installing software I just knew it would barf at. System Restore saved me.

For a beta product, it’s good.

Better to have and not need, than to need and not have…
Saw this in a security presentation some years ago, and was reminded of it when Cyclone Larry barrelled though parts of Queensland.

When I was living in the north, I used to keep a “cyclone kit” with 2 weeks worth of supplies. Soon as a cyclone watch was declared, straight down to the local servo to refuel both cars. Rest assured, if a cyclone was going to hit, it would be straight into the cars, heading down south.

Miranda Devine sums it up:
Australians, especially outside the big cities, used to pride themselves on their self-reliance and resilience, forged in a hard, unforgiving land. Now, according to images beamed back to Sydney, they have become helpless victims. A category five cyclone comes to town and it’s all the fault of Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and Prime Minister John Howard.

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