Windows 95 – We still have customers running it.

win95bboot A Windows 95 bootscreen. (A Windows 95B boot screen to be precise.)

Now I rarely get to touch customer PCs these days, as I’m not in an “”operational”” support area.

But we still have tight arses customers who still run Windows 95, so I get a support question from one of our people (who should know better).

Queue theme music: Entrance of the Gladiators. <- click for the music. “The PC is stopping with an error when the logon script runs”, from our customer support engineer, Fred Nuckle. Time to diagnose problem: 1 hour.


  • F. Nuckle was mapping a network drive (let’s say U:).
  • Running U:\foolish.exe,
  • and while foolish.exe was executing, unmapping the network drive.
  • So foolish.exe was going “what da fruitcake??” and causing an error.

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