panic button “Bong! Bong! Bong!” goes Windows Messenger.
“Ring! Ring! Ring!” goes the phone.

Yes, my boss has hit the PANIC BUTTON.

Seems we have a customer having some Windows XP SP1 network problems.

Why did I catch the call? Well I’m problem-solving guru. Not that I actually work with day to day desktop problems anymore., but I’m good never-the-less

Now diagnosing the cause of the problem is like that Japanese play Rashômon, every one has a different opinion of the cause.
And it’s about as much fun as herding cats.

The actual cause of the network problem:

  • we replaced a faulty server with a brand new shiny one.
  • we upgraded the software to Windows 2003 R2
  • the customer is still running Windows XP SP1, even though it’s out of support in less than a month.

My solution? Upgrade desktops to XP SP2, or throw a shed load of patches onto the current XP SP1 installation.

My boss might be getting an actual PANIC button for Christmas.

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