Windows Vista logoReaders might remember that I was testing Windows Vista…

Well I’ve just finished, and I’m back with the trusty Windows XP.

So why did I change back? Too many niggling problems with Vista.

Minor things like I can’t run a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, as it crashes part of Vista. And there is no PDA synchronisation support. OH SURE, they CLAIM there is support, just as I might CLAIM to have a John Holmes sized tool. It ain’t necessary so.

Another disappointing thing about Beta testing Vista, was the number of bugs I reported in the pre-Beta 2 build, which were closed as being “Fixed”, but weren’t. And they’re still not. I’ve seen the release timetable for Vista, and I doubt they’ll be fixed before the November manufacturing release.

So, eating the dogfood which is Windows XP, have I noticed any differences?
Well yes, two.

  1. The screen clarity is nowhere as good. Vista is of so much easier to read.
  2. The new “Photo Editor” and it’s crop function is the other.

My advice to customers wanting to upgrade? Wait for Vista Service Pack 1.

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