Gold Silver and Opal cufflinks Since I last wrote, I’ve managed to expand my collection of cufflinks to 20ish sets.

It’s all the fault of eBay. They were priced so cheap. Postage was a killer though.

There is an eBay “”sharp practice””, which some people call a scam, but I won’t.
Sell an item cheap, say a $1, and craw your lost back though postage. If the buyer buys three things from you, charge three lots of postage.

My example.
Pay $9 for three cufflink sets, expecting that the seller would combine the $10 each item postage, so it only cost me $19. Nope.
The three cufflink sets arrived in the same envelope, but I was charged $30 postage.
A scam by another name.

On a final note, when I last did a cufflinks post, creat3cp left a comment. If you’re into cufflinks, you might want to check his site out.

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