FIDO is the mascot of the FidoNet community. A sad bunch of lonely IT geeks wonderful group of community-spirited people who ran Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), networked to FidoNet. Actually, it’s rather more complicated than that. Jimbo’s Big Bag O’Trivia is your friend here.

I’m not innocent in all of this, I ran a BBS for a couple of years, out of altruistic thoughts. And the fervent hope it would pay for itself.

The only BBS systems which did pay for themselves were the one’s which hosted PRON. The only BBS I remember from those days was “Sexy Legs”, which was run by a husband and wife team. She did have a great set of legs. Never did see the pron, you had to pay for that. Being a Sysop, I was skint most of the time.

Oh, and Arcadia Opus BBS!, which
a) didn’t have pron
b) did have a great user community
c) was hosted in South Yarra.

If you’re out there Andrew Newbury, I salute you!

Jimbo’s Big Bag O’Trivia
Project Manager