Hey, at least it’s not us!

Round About I was on the 55 tram heading to Parkville, stuck at the Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade. It’s not as bad as the Magic Roundabout, but it has it’s moments.

"What the f$%& do you think your f$%*ing doing you f%*^ &**^s" floated in from a car driver.

"Hey at least it’s not one of us being talked about!", piped up a Yarra Trams instructor. The whole tram laughed. Wouldn’t have heard it if I wasn’t travelling to Parkville.

I have always found the Yarra Trams inspectors courteous. Connex inspectors on the other hand.

POETS day. Think I’ll work from home on Friday. It’s been a heckish week, and I’m going to catch up on some "me time".

The Daily Puppy

Awww, how cute. saydee the beagle

The beagle on the right is Saydee. Beagles are such cute, clever dogs. And the Daily Puppy is worth a visit.

I'm with stupid t-shirt And as one thing leads onto another, I think I’ll buy this t-shirt. It’s sums up the whole "not enough for two brains" argument.