Some software I use – call blocking and world timezone clock

Qlock World Clock software
Qlock is the best software I’ve found so far, for keeping tracking of different timezones. And judging by our work software tracking system, so do 100+ of my fellow wage slaves.

It is free for private use.

Call Blocking
With my recent banishment back to being just a systems engineer, I’ve been having another look at call blocking software, for my Windows Mobile 5 PDA phone.

Now call blocking software can allow you to selectivity block incoming calls.

This is great for sending the boss, telemarketers, sales reps or even stalkers; to voicemail after 5pm.

Now there only seems to be two choices in the Windows Mobile world, Photo Contacts Pro, which looks very cool, but doesn’t work
Photo Contacts Pro
And Call Block, by Wish Solutions, looks like crap, but works great. At only $7.99, I’ve registered it.
Call Block for Windows Mobile