It’s off to work I go – first work day in England

Next morning
It’s a bit of a lurk on the company’s behalf. That is, if the hotel throws in breakfast as part of the accommodation deal, in means a 20% reduction in the Travel Allowance rate

Travel allowance is supposed to cover "out of pocket" living expenses, meals and such like.  20% is a large amount, trust me. Especially in a expensive country like England

Now you COULD lie when you submit your travel claim form, but as issues around cash is one of the three things in life that can get you into trouble … so you don’t.

Restaurants So off to breakfast, breakfast consisted of cereal, toast, cold meat or bread rolls.

The team consisted of three poms, an American and a Canadian. (sounds like the start of a joke doesn’t it)

All seemed good blokes. All wearing suits. So glad I didn’t wear a bluey, stubbies and thongs to breakfast, cobber.

To the office
The office was about 30 mins from the hotel. The poms had their cars, so we were chauffeured by a couple of them.

The office is HUGE. We even have a "greeter", which is the sort of thing you see in some stores (WalMart). And a cute receptionist, sexist but true.

What can I tell you about my work, it was boring, oh there were some funny moments.
Like when I said, "I’ve just been shifted on the ""org"" chart, and no-one told me"
So, the joke became "Dale will be doing that, unless he’s been shifted again."

The social aspect of the trip was much more interesting, and I’ll cover them in the next post.