Food – while in England

The Nelson Arms Surrey Monday Night – The Nelson Arms, Surrey

A typical English Pub, except I didn’t see any warm beer. It was established in the 1700’s.

It’s claimed the wooden ceiling beams are timbers from an old sailing ship.

I had the Beef Chilli Burger (9 GBP) and several T.E.A. beers.


Tuesday Night – Meal at the hotel.

Nothing to see here, move along 🙂

Wednesday Night – Ghurkha Raj Doot, Aldershot

Want some traditional Ghurkha food, then this is the place.

The decor is mid 70’s Chinese kitchen table style.

Glad to say I was able to have the hottest dish in the place, and didn’t break out into (much) of a sweat.

Cost, about 15 GBP.

Zizzi Restaurant Farnham Thursday Night – Zizzi Farnham

An Italian restaurant chain, but still a great feed.

The garlic bread for ""starters"" was a meal in itself. I would recommend not have it as starters if you’re going to have something else.

Such as the Diavola Pizza, which had Pepperoni, Chillies, Mozzarella and Tomato.

Total cost: 20 GBP, including drinks.

(Zizzi photo pinched from here:

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