Going to London to Visit the Queen

Oh I wish, don’t think that’ll happen while my bottom is pointing to the ground.
City of London Shield 
Left Baggage Sote - Heathrow But the first thing I did was drop my bag at Heathrow. There is a bag storage service, all of £8 it cost I think. Well worth it compared to dragging a suitcase around the city.

Not to mention that some places won’t let you take a large bag in.

Heathrow Tube - Piccadilly T5 Extension sign Each of the four airport terminals has a train station, which makes it really easy to get into London City (about a 40 min journey).

The Station Assistant noticed I looked puzzled, and suggested I buy an all day off-peak ticket, saving about £10.

The Big Bus Company Now you can aimlessly wander around London like I did for an hour, or you could get wise and catch a tour bus like "The Big Bus Company"
(that reminds me, I wonder how Cassie’s bus is going …).
For £22, they will drive you around 30 different sights, with commentary. See here for a list. I gather that they aren’t the best employer though…

Memorable things
Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe London First started in London in 1971, by a couple of Americans’ who couldn’t get a decent burger. Some people in the past have said, "the foods crap these days, but it’s worth a look at the memorabilia".
I didn’t.

Downing Street
Home of the British Prime Minister, and lots of heavily armed police, who take a dim view of photographs.

Cabinet War Room
War Room - London This is where Churchill direct The War from. Only actually slept there three nights.

At the end of the war, the lights were switched off and people went home.

Some of the more memorable sights, the sign telling people what the weather was like above ground, the map room with the "beauties" still there and the Churchill Museum.
Things I purchased: set of cufflinks and the book "Churchill’s Bodyguard".

London Eye
The London Eye World’s largest observation wheel. With 2 hour long queues. £14.50. No thanks.
If I had more time, I would have.

Field Marshall Slim
Governor-General of Australia, 1953 -> 1960.
Statue of Field Marshall Slim There is a story about Slim when he was our GG.

He was returning from an official function, and glanced at his NSW Police Motorcycle Escort several times.
As is customary, at the end of the trip, he was asked to review the escort. On his particular day his war wounds had been giving him heck:
"When I looked at your uniforms, I thought you used them to clean your motorcycles.
Now that I’ve looked at your motorcycles, I see that I was wrong."

Royal National Theatre
Royal National Theatre - London As one person said, it’s "a clever way of building a nuclear power station in the middle of London without anyone objecting".
It looks horrid. The most notable thing are the statues on top of the buildings. Even after having a search of the internet, I still can’t work out – why?

And lots of other things, which I’m not going to bore you with.
The London Underground train system is impressive, but grubby
Tipping, yes some places expect you to tip. Dang curse of the Americans.

Heathrow Luggage Storage
Event Horizon
The Cabinet War Rooms
Hard Rock Cafe London
London Eye
10 Downing Street
Field Marshal The Viscount Slim