Microsoft’s Defense in Depth series.

This series is well worth your time to sit down and listen to, the subjects covered:

(Part 1 of 8): Why Does Security Matter?

(Part 2 of 8): All Bark and No Bite

(Part 3 of 8): Gates, Guards, and Guns

(Part 4 of 8): Living on the Edge

(Part 5 of 8): Keeping Your House in Order

(Part 6 of 8): Save the Box, Save the Network

(Part 7 of 8): If You Build It (Securely), They Won’t Come

(Part 8 of 8): If a Terabyte Falls in the Middle of the (Active Directory) Forest

presented by Kai Axford, who’s latest role in Microsoft is as a Senior Security Strategist with Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group.

His blog post has more details about these webcasts.

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