Microsoft releases Windows Server 2008 to manufacturing, and it’s already at SP1!


Yeah.  At first glance you may think it strange that a first version of a product would already be at SP1 level.  So I thought I would throw out a couple of reasons why Windows Server 2008 is at SP1 already.  NOTE: Only ONE of the following reasons is correct:

A.  We call it Service Pack 1 because we want to have something to say to the customer who is always “waiting for SP1”.  “Here you go!”

B.  We call it Service Pack 1 because it sounds like it’s of a higher quality.

C.  We call it Service Pack 1 because it IS of a higher quality.

The correct answer is C.  Windows Server 2008 is indeed of a higher quality,

Why is Windows Server 2008 at SP1 already-

Microsoft (Kevin Remde) claims C.  To my mind, it’s marketing BS.  Listening to my cynical heart, the REAL answer is A.
I’m sure the market will decide whether to wait until SP2 before adopting.  I’d be tempted to adopt it now for WDS Multicasting.

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