If you believe MessageLabs, 73% of the 0 billion messages it scanned, in February, were unsolicited bulk emails.  SPAM in other words!

In Australia:

Under the Spam Act 2003 it is illegal to send, or cause to be sent, unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The Act covers email, instant messaging, SMS and MMS (text and image-based mobile phone messaging) of a commercial nature. It does not cover faxes, internet pop-ups or voice telemarketing.

Never fear, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to the rescue with SpamMATTERS

The SpamMATTERS software:

  • is free for internet users to download and install into the Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express email programs. Once installed, you can delete spam and report it to ACMA at the same time – with just one click of the mouse
  • captures spam emails that may have bypassed spam filters and anti-spam programs, including messages that are often the most problematic, such as phishing spam
  • enables ACMA to identify and gather the forensic information it needs to identify spammers and take action against them.

Download it here

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