Some points on work email etiquette which I “borrowed” from someone else.


As your team lead, you can expect:

  • I will “see” your email within 12 hours.
    If what you want to know is urgent, pick the phone up.  You have been issued a cell/mobile phone, start using it.
  • I generally will not send responses like: Sure, righto, can do, no problems etc.
  • As your manager I expect that you will view your emails as soon as practical, but remember you have a cell phone, so start using it for “action this day” items.
  • Do not cc: me in on emails for no good reason.
  • Mail cc’d to me lands into a separate mail folder.  It’s checked less often than mail sent TO me.
  • I use Return Receipt with those class of people I need to know they have seen the email.
    This is generally “Project Managers” & “Customer Relationship Managers”.

I expect that when you write emails:

  • you will use Punctuation/Capitalisation.
  • will not use use SMS slang/abbreviations or “l33t” speak.
  • you will make a meaningful subject line.
  • People who are in the TO: field, are expected to action the email
  • People who are in the CC: field, are being informed only, and no action should be required.
  • The goal is for all of us
    –  to Manage By Exception (no news is good news)
    – spend less time answering emails, and more time, doing other productive stuff.