antispyware07box CA PestPatrol is a dog of a product.

And it probably still it, I’ve not looked.

Why do I call it a dog?

It’s supposed to be an anti-spyware product, but when I evaluated it against Ad-aware and Spybot-S&D, it came a distant third. 

And why?  Well it was sold as an “enterprise class product” but couldn’t:

  1. remove/cleanse the registry of known spyware entries.
  2. ditto for spyware files.
    “… all anti-spyware products have difficulty …”
  3. couldn’t be managed from an enterprise console.
    “… the next version allows enterprise management …”
  4. Anti-spyware detection was not as good as Spybot-S&D and Ad-aware.
    <no comment received>

Now our internal IT team were really keen for PestPatrol, by the way, their comments in blue, and it was fairly obvious it was going to be selected.  And why?  Well we could get it for “free”, which was the motivating force.

And you thought I was going to say brown paper bags didn’t you 🙂

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