Dilbert Boss Stealing IdeasSeen this twice in my 20 years in IT.  This being the theft of someone else’s ideas, and claiming them as their own.

First time I saw it was in the Northern Territory, with the Government’s IT arm, NCOM.

An IT Director published an draft e-Government proposal, lifting large slabs of the text from the ACT Government e-Government documents.

Having been a keen student of e-Government, I remember seeing some of the phrases used in the NCOM report.  A short Google time later, there we go “it’s a copy of the ACT e-Government report”.

The second time was with my last employer.  A colleague, rather the Powerpoint Guru, created a presentation for a Manager.   Manager presents Powerpoint Presentation to Director and Vice-President of my division, to much acclaim.  Much like the Dilbert cartoon excerpt, “I did it all by myself” claimed she, the Manager.

All well and good to try that on, but perhaps next time remove the Red Powerpoint Star from the bottom right corner of the slides you copy.

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