Duty calls - someone is wrong on the internet. The Spin Starts Here (TSSH) was a blog dedicated to taking the mickey out of “celebrities”.  It’s downfall was when it started to have a go at other bloggers.  When they retaliated, it was with the street fighters credo of “hit as hard as you can, with whatever you’ve got”. I received a nasty email from The Hack over a blog post I wrote. 

Be it Karma, or whatever, but Caz and The Hack have been outed.

Jamie Roddy Duncan (The Hack) is a journalist for AAP.  It’s been alleged by others that Jamie’s conduct with The Spin Starts Here violates some of his professions’ Code of Conduct.

Caroline Hamilton (Caz), who claimed to be a journalist, is actually a Media Adviser for Parks Victoria, in other words a Public Servant.

The last word goes to An Onymous Lefty.

To Jamie “The Hack” Duncan and his various disappearing bullying internet sludge-fests – good riddance. Far from being missed, your (long predicted) cowardly flight will be applauded and celebrated far and wide. Enjoy the karma, Roddy. Can you hear the lols?


Cyber snipers cry foul

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