On top of your game

It is truly a pleasure when the phone goes *ring* *ring* and the following occurs:

“I’ve got a problem with a printer freezing.”, says the desktop support tech (Tina Brown).

Have you tried:

  1. reinstalling the printer driver?
  2. reinstalling the print driver?
  3. disabling all the unnecessary network protocols?
  4. locking the printer port to a particular network speed?

The answer back:

“Yes, yes, yes and yes”


I think to myself: ‘How am I supposed to get that FIGJAM coffee mug, if you know all the answers’

Ok, what do you think we should do next then?

“Upgrade the printer firmware, and then upgrade the print driver.”

Well ok, let’s do that.

It’s not that I’m particularly talented at IT, it’s just that I’ve been around long enough to be able to psychically debug most problems.  Except when I meet someone who’s been in the trenches nearly as long as me.

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