Notebook hardware control screenshot Want to increase your laptop’s battery life by at least a 1/4?*

Go and download a copy of Notebook Hardware Control (NHC).

So what’s it do for you?  Well:

  1. it gives you more live out of your battery when you’re “off mains power”
  2. allows your system to run a lot cooler.
  3. allows your system to run quieter.
  4. … and some other stuff as well.

I went away from NHC for a while as it caused my Windows Vista laptop to crash, in interesting ways.  But this new version works well.

And it’s FREE!

What about Macintosh users?

smcfancontrol2 screenshot There is an equally good program for the Intel Macs, call smcFanControl2.  Now I don’t use Macintoshes, but smcFanControl2 Home Page has gotten some good reviews,  so it’s worth a look.

And Linux?

Like many things Linux, it’s hard to find any information of real use.

But I’d start reading at

* – my figures, your mileage may vary.

(readers might recall I’ve blogged about this before, both NHC & smcFanControl have been though upgrades since then.  Thanks to reader TB reminding me that smcFanControl2 only applies to Intel Macs)

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