CSC - My job went to India and all I got was this lousy shirt. Some of the things I don’t miss with my old employer:

  • Being “re-org’d” in May 2007 while being at a workshop in England.
  • Going from a non-billable position to being required to be 100% billable.  Found this out via email, my manager couldn’t be bothered telling me this face to face.
  • Bedridden with flu for 2 weeks while on annual leave.  Manager didn’t want to reimburse the leave.  And didn’t.
    This was the straw which broke the camel’s back.
  • Seeing a colleague berated in email by our manager, then the email mysteriously disappearing from the email system.  (no, the email system didn’t have a recall function)
  • Manager passing off work as their own, to senior management.
  • Not a word from my team lead or manager when they visited Melbourne
    eg. not “sorry to see you go.”
  • The last year truly sucked.

On a positive note:

  • worked with some truly great people.
    JT – darn fine Team Lead, who’s now working as a architect.
    The guy from Oklahoma.  His capacity for quality work output amazes me.
  • was proud to have led a couple of great guys.
  • worked with some cool technology.

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