Lara Croft - Underworld - Screenshot And it will be called Tomb Raider: Underworld.  Due in November 2008.

Back in 1998, Tom Fairman suggested Politically Correct Raider.  Seems a shame that Eidos never took it up.

PC-Raider (Politically Correct Raider).
Main character : Lara Greenlove
Object of game: Lara journeys through 15 levels of hell to save a spotted-owl.

Level 1 – Filing a Petition
Level 2 – Getting Support
Level 3 – Whining
Level 4 – Building Constituents
Level 5 – Battling the Mudslinging Media
Level 6 – Side Mission to Spike a Tree to Thwart Lumberjacks
Level 7 – Speaking Tour
Level 8 – Searching For More Funds
Level 9 – Lara Sues the NRA (fails, NRA returns in Level 15)
Level 10 – Thwarting Emotional Abuse from Boyfriend (Lara discovers Lola)
Level 11 – Hunger Strike (Hopefully you stocked up on food found in previous levels)
Level 12 – Lara Toys With Islam
Level 13 – The Folk Song Competition
Level 14 – Freeing the Zoo Animals
Level 15 – The Final Conflict (Lara kills Ted Nugent and Charleton Heston, hunters worldwide declare peace with spotted-owl community.)

Weapons: Lara has several weapons to protect her along the path to moral righteousness:
1. Mace – best used on rapists
2. Pen – perhaps the most dangerous weapon when used intelligently
3. Internet Account – Lara can get assistance from news group users, Lara also gets flamed from time to time
4. Acoustic Guitar
5. Voting Booth
6. Picket sign
7. Red paint – Used on women coming out of fur coat stores

Soundtrack: The background music includes many inspirational songs including the following:
1. Kumbaya
2. Give Peace A Chance
3. Send In The Clowns
4. If I Could Talk To The Animals
5. <insert Indigo Girls track here>
6. Let Love Rule
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