acme-xp-soe-temp-desktop-01aOne of the cleverest hardware integration guys I know came up with this picture. It was created for a test Standard Operating Environment test release.  And demonstrates what we do in SOE development.

A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is basically creating the same “look and feel” for the customers PC fleet.

A SOE is created by*:

  1. Getting a standard operating system installation.
  2. Asking the customer what customisations they want.
  3. Implementing those customer requests.
  4. Giving the operating system installation to the customer, who undoubtedly asks for more customisations.
  5. Eventually we get to the stage where the customer is happy, and we can start installing the customised installation to the customer’s PC fleet.

* – well yes, this is a simplified list, and there are other things which are done as well.