VicRoads Custom Vehicle Plates ad Once contracted for a government vehicle registry. Now customised license plates were, and still are, a big money spinner. Brings in huge dollars each year for the registry.

My involvement? NIL. I worked in IT support. Working in IT support does give you an “access all areas” pass though.

Back to customised plates. Now after a person applied for a custom plate, it went off to a senior public servant for approval. Let’s call her Deidre.  Deidre would approve the application for the plates to be stamped.

Deidre. Not a worldly-wise women was Deirde. As the wall of 50-odd (stamped) rejected plates attested to. The memorable ones included LUV269, 4PLAY & T*AT.

The curious can click The Smoking Gun – “Blue” Plate List for a list of other rejected plates.

A55 ORGY License Plate The plate on the right was randomly issued in Miami, Florida, and was not a custom plate. What would the odds be huh?

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