Microsoft Arc Mouse Choice, as anyone will tell you, is a good thing.

Unless you need to fix a leaking tap.

  1. Travel to the local hardware store to buy a x-size tap washer.
  2. Disassemble tap, “oh, it’s a y-size washer.”
  3. Reassemble tap with leaky washer.
  4. Back to the hardware store to buy the right size washer.

So it is with Linux, as I make my quarterly re-visit to the Linux OS.

This time I’m using a OpenWrt Linux installation, with yet another implementation of a installation package tool (ipkg).

The thing with Microsoft is that installers are (generally) now MSI based.  And that’s a good thing, not having choice.  Not having to remember which command line switch I need to use for which Linux distro.

… Now off to fix that tap

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