Elevated shot of General Motors Railway Station - September 2008 When I heard this announcement, I thought to myself, “Must get around to visiting General Motors Railway Station”.  Time elapsed, and I moved interstate for a while.

And General Motors closed.

General Motors Railway Station was used by shift workers at the General Motors Holden Plant.  The car plant closed in 1991, and the last train stopped there on the 26 July, 2002.  The station was closed, and with it, my chance to catch a train there.

Fast forward to now.

Photograph of Safeworking / Ticket box at General Motors Railway Station - September 2008 The station, as you can see, is a bit run down.  Vandals, taking their small-minded pleasure, are slowly destroying the old safe-working/ticket box.

Nature is also doing her part in trying to reclaim the space.

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