NT4 is still out there.

Windows NT4 Workstation 4 logon screen … or there are still people running Windows NT4 systems.

My last experience with building NT4 systems was trying to fit an existing NT4 SOE image onto a Compaq laptop.  Which didn’t have NT4 support.

The difficulties I had with that were:

  • no shutdown / power off support.
  • Bluetooth & USB not supported (just like any NT4 system).
  • was not able to dock the laptop into the docking station.

Surprisingly, it was not the lack of Microsoft and vendor support which halted the “NT4 onto unsupported laptop” request.  It was no docking station support which killed the request.

These days, if I was asked to do the same thing with Windows 2000, I’d be concerned about the following:

  • lack of Microsoft support.
  • heat issues.  If the laptop thermal design only considered Windows XP or later, OS’s which have better thermal/power control, I’d worry about heat issues.
  • lack of vendor support.

I’ve digressed.  Was having a beer with someone the other day

We’re running NT4 Server.


NT4 Server.  And we need to migrate off.

Why should I be surprised.  As of 2 years ago, we had customers still running Windows 95.

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