Do machines have souls?

wheel_graveyard Yes, some do.

You can feel this in how they behave.

Let’s speak of cars. I think the most reliable brand of car is Toyota.

But are their cars exciting??? NO!, they are as boring as dishwater.

The car I find most exciting is the HK GTS-327 Monaro. Which brings us onto the subject on museums.

I think it must be a dreary way to end your useful existence. Full of sound and fury one moment, gathering cobwebs the next.

I think static museums SUCK! A couple of hours on Sunday (long ago) were spent at the Tramway Museum, out at Bylands.

Now, gentle reader, I’m not a Gunzel, Roundhead or Foamer; but someone who is, explained the terms to me.

w2_in_the_bush After handing over my 8 gold coins, I was offered a ride on a SW2 class tram. Once the air compressor had finished going “chokka chokka chokka”, we were off.

It was like riding a W tram in Melbourne, but surreal in the sense that you’re in middle of cattle country.

Now the old bloke who accompanied me must have been a foamer. “W2 644 was built in 1953, and was rebuilt as an SW2 in 19xy due to an accident…”

It was good to see someone so dedicated to their hobby. After the tram ride, I wandered the sheds, sighting one or two trams I remembered from when they were in service. Took some photos too, most of them suck. Conclusion: if you’re interested in trams, or photography, there’s plenty to see at TMSV. Website of the day: The Dome of Foam

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